The Field

Crá sa Chré

6 part documentary series 2016

How far would you go, to protect whats yours?

What happens to people when land takes a hold of them, driving them to do the unthinkable?

False allegations, harassment, coercion, involuntary sectioning, violent behaviour, murder.How far would you be willing to go to protect what you believe to be rightfully yours?

The Field was broadcast on TG4 in 2016

Park Films, in association with Northern Ireland Screen. A 6-part scripted documentary series for TG4  in November 2016.



Intimate Strangers

Returnable Drama series

Season 1, 8 episodes in development

Seeking answers to life’s problems, five struggling female neighbours discover that more joins them than the road on which they live.

Producers: AnneMarie Naughton and Ana Habajec of Park Films, 87 Films / Patrick Irwin (The Fall, Silent Witness, Bang)

The Vanishing Triangle

Crime/Mystery Drama Series

After a series of disappearances of young women, newspaper reporter Lisa Wallace sets out to find the man responsible, who she believes is the same man who murdered her mother almost twenty years earlier.

6 part TV series, released 2023 / 2024
Park Films, Paperplane Productions, 87 Films
Distributed by Eccho Rights/Night Train Media.


This project was Co-funded by The European Union